Friday, September 12, 2008

We made the big time!

The Debunking Directory was just mentioned on a post at Screw Loose Change, which happens to be the premiere blog of the very topic that this site addresses.

I have read James and Pat's posts for years--almost dating back to when they started the blog back in 2006. It is truly an honor to be mentioned by them.


Boris Epstein said...

So, you are proud to be mentioned by Screw Loose Change, a site using second-grade insults as its content and allowing insults, bullying and death threats as regular fare in the comments section? Oh, and they also promote people like Troy Sexton of West Virginia whose hobby is to harass truthers over the phone. I see. Nice company you keep.

At any rate, I may check this one out once in awhile, to see what sort of content you offer. This doesn't look like too much of a promising start to me - but hey, maybe you'll manage to surprise me.

The Director said...

I have never condoned Troy Sexton's behavior, but yes, it is an honor to be mentioned by the Forefathers of the debunking movement.

There are extremists and name-calling on both sides. Do you condone any website who calls individuals who happen to disagree with you...sheeple?