Saturday, September 20, 2008

Illumanati Agent Found In Tennessee?!?!? OMG

It looks like we know the Illumanati's next target for a false-flag terror operation: The Knoxville Museum of Art.

Though I cannot say this for a certainty, but I believe that this young man can blame his mental condition on Alex Jones.

The skinny: A man trying to break into the Knoxville Museum of Art calls 911 when he gets stuck in the building's air shaft. He nonchalantly claims that he is a special agent with the United States Illumanati and he was on a special mission that went "horribly wrong." The write-up in the local paper is found here. While the 9/11 call can be found on YouTube here:

Seems to me that this kid has listened to his fair share of Alex Jones.

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