Friday, September 12, 2008

We are launched!!!

I sent the following message to the four corners of the Internet to promote the website. Now it looks like I need to buckle down and get the site finished!!!


I write to you on the seventh anniversary of a day that will forever be etched into our memories. As a nation, we were all there to see the evil plot conceived by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his financier Usama Bin-Laden take center stage in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Their plan was quite simple: Nineteen men of a fundamentalist Islamic sect boarded four aircraft and piloted these planes to crash into prominent buildings. Three out of four of these jets hit their intended targets--The Twin Towers and the Pentagon. After hearing of these strikes, the passengers on the fourth jet gave their lives to retake their hijacked aircraft. Their final resting place is a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

We have tried our best to put this day behind us, while respecting the memory of 2,998 souls that were lost on that day. However, a grassroots movement of citizens came along challenging what we have been told. This movement grew like wildfire thanks in part to the Internet and the Google Video phenomenon Loose Change.

Recognizing that skepticism is a vital function of inquiry, many of us welcomed their arguments and alternative views. The vast majority of us were slightly amused when we found out that these individuals were pushing theories full of remote-controlled planes, faked passenger phone calls, bombs in the World Trade Center complex, missiles at the Pentagon, and more instances of science fiction. According to this movement, these events were allegedly pulled off in part, or in whole, by the Department of Defense, the Air Force, the Fire Department of New York (which lost 343 brothers), the Port Authority of New York, and our elected governing officials.

The conspiracy theory films were quite compelling. By cherry-picking their evidence, taking events out of context, blatantly misquoting individuals, and even the occasional dose of doctored evidence came to be the ingredients of this rather effective movement. As Winston Churchill once stated, "A lie can get halfway around the world, before the truth can get its pants on," these theories toppled down the actual events just because they were so controversial and compelling. But years later, these ridiculous conspiracy theories came tumbling down themselves and the truth was being rebuilt just like the towers in New York.

These theories soon gained popularity. But they are, in fact today, dying. This is due in part to a collection of academics who got together to confront these quickly growing theories once and for all. They donned the title '9/11 debunkers' and engaged these conspiracy theorists in debates and a scrupulous review of their so-called evidence. Since then, the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement has lost massive traffic to their websites, attendees to their rallies, and credibility in the scientific world.

I have created a website to honor those who have compiled this information to combat these 9/11 conspiracy theories. And though the site still needs some major work, I found that today is a very fitting day to remember those who passed and to honor those who so diligently fought to prove that "9/11 Truth" is nothing but a lie.

I encourage you to use this website as a reference. More than likely, each one of you know someone who pushes these theories often in daily conversation. Use this website to get the other side of the story and to defend the actual record of events.

I named my new website The Debunking Directory and it can be found at I hope you will give it a visit!

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