Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer of Frustration

This post is to explain to the few interested why three months ago I said "My new website will be up in July!" only to have my word and my bond broken. Because of a major glitch at my free webserver (thus the reason I am not trying to be picky), I was unable to update my website and thus The Directory was put on hold.

Since then I participated in some 0/11 radio debates, started a new career, moved to a new city, and have pursued other interests, yet debunking these 9/11 conspiracy theories will still be an important task to me. (Especially during the 2008 election season as news is breaking that Ron Paul will be on the ballot in some states this November--thus wherever he goes, Truthers will follow.)

So, here we go again. My free time on the weekends will find a place in this website. I hope you will all join me for this ride.

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